The Naro Group helps align the performance of sales and marketing organizations with corporate goals and sales objectives.

Revenues objectives change, sales methodologies evolve, new products are introduced, and departments reorganize. Any one of these changes may cause your sales organization to get out of alignment. The Naro Group can help you create a customized sales and marketing transformation plan that gets you back in sync.

The Naro Group’s services include consulting, training, and process implementation that are designed for your specific role in sales and marketing.

Executive Management

  • Change Management Workshop. Develop a strategic and actionable plan for goal achievement through sales readiness and sales enablement best practices. Create strategies for behavioral changes, the allocation of appropriate resources, communication, and the implementation of success measurements.
  • Ongoing Consulting Support. Assure continued improvement with ongoing support from The Naro Group for the change management leadership team throughout the sales and marketing transformation process.

Sales Management

  • Performance Gap Analysis. Determine the degree of change needed within your sales organization to achieve optimal sales performance. Map your corporation’s sales and marketing objectives to your business goals and outline what actions are needed to achieve those goals.
  • Pipeline Analysis. Find out how your pipeline compares to an ideal one and discover how revenue flows from the pipeline to the forecast from a process point of view while identifying any gaps in your sales process.
  • People Analysis. Discover your existing team’s ability to deliver the sales performance needed to reach goals and find out how to transform the team into a high-performance one.
  • Sales Process Management Workshop. Develop a management system that enables your sales executives to support the implementation of a successful sales process and maximize the value of sales training and supporting selling activities.
  • Pipeline Development Standards & Forecast Process Audit. Develop and automate benchmark tools, such as pipeline analytics and forecasting processes, that determine pipeline health from a consolidated team and individual sales person perspective.
  • Sales Operations Review. Align the behavior of your sales managers with your company’s implementation of its objectives, sales methodology, and supporting processes. Find out the overall health of your field sales operations on a regional basis and determine your first-line managers’ proficiency based on a sales manager competency model. Identify coaching opportunities to support the building of proficiency in sales process management and coaching skills.

Sales Teams

  • Selling Skills Development Workshops. Improve selling capabilities with tactics and techniques based on best practices for territory planning, account planning, call planning, and opportunity management from business development through negotiating and closing.


  • Marketing Messaging Workshops. Create sales messaging from marketing collateral and development activities.

To learn more about how The Naro Group can help your organization, view our 4-Step Process for sales and marketing transformation. Or for more information, call 603.881.7712 or email

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