Sales Enablement Services

The NARO Group offers consulting, training, and process implementation for sales and marketing transformation for improved sales effectiveness, better sales readiness, and increased sales enablement.

Sales Readiness

Go-To-Market Planning: Design sales strategy that aligns with market strategy and overall business strategy. Apply sales management concepts to effectively deploy the sales force organizational structure to execute strategy.

Creating Backbone for Sales Enablement infrastructure: Adopt a common language and core processes for key qualifying elements, selling skills, buyer requirements, process deliverables, and forecasting milestones.

Aligning Marketing and Sales: Adopt process and procedures for conducting conversations and qualifying opportunities throughout the buying process with a common language for win/loss analysis.

Becoming more Customer-Centric: Implement CustomerCentric Selling sales and sales management training programs that focus on your customers goals, problems, and needs.

Using Opportunity Based Forecasting: Adopt opportunity-based forecasting process with SFA guidance for metrics, tracking, and reporting.