Professional sales success requires continuing development of conversation skills. Knowling when to have impactful business conversations with the why, what, and how in making buying decisions moves opportunities through the funnel faster, and increases win rates. Sales AQ is the ability to provide answers during conversations between a seller and buyer. In this course participants learn to identify key conversations needed to sell, fund, and implement their products and services. In order to improve communication skills participants will learn to develop answers with the greatest impact on influencing buyer decision making. They will also learn how to realign their questioning techniques to more effectively engage buyers in answering key questions.


Participants leave the course with the ability to: 

  1. Identify and prepare conversations for key sales process steps, e.g., awareness, education, decision.
  2. Develop impactful answers to buying process questions, e.g., why should I buy from you, how do I know your product fits my needs.
  3. Develop questions that guide buyers in providing more focused answers, e.g., what’s the process today, what actions do you take.



AQ Overview – (Video/Reading assignment)

Sales AQ – (Video/Reading assignment)

Defining elements of Buying/Selling processes

Identifying conversations for sales cycle milestones

Developing answers to important buyer questions (Lab & Role Play)

Refining seller questions to improve buyer answers (Lab & Role Play)