The NARO Group provides industry and proprietary insights on sales and marketing transformation, helping organizations improve sales performance and drive increased revenues.

Resources to Help You Succeed

Talent Optimization

  • Annual CEO Benchmarking Report [pdf]
  • The State of Talent Optimization Report [pdf]

  • What is Psychometrics? How Assessments Help Make Hiring Decisions [pdf]


Sales Force Deployment

  • Linking Sales Training to Revenue Growth [pdf]

  • What Is CustomerCentric Selling® [pdf]

  • Recommended Approach to CustomerCentric Selling® Implementation [pdf]

  • Consultative Selling Strategies [pdf]

  • Sales Readiness Needs Assessment [pdf]

  • Six Simple Steps to Defining Your Sales Process [pdf]

  • Aligning Sales Methodology and Technology [pdf]

  • The SaaS Customer Lifecycle: Seven Pitfalls [pdf]

  • Marketing Collateral as a Sales Messaging Tool [pdf]

  • Feedback: A Powerful Tool for Sales Managers [pdf]

  • Motivating Sales People through Accountability [pdf]

  • Opportunities Guide Sales Forecasts [pdf]