The Naro Group helps companies capitalize on their investments in organizational effectiveness for improved sales performance and greater revenue growth.

Every sales organization can perform better and drive more revenue. The Naro Group can help yours reach its full potential with our integrated sales and marketing transformation process. Working side-by-side with you and your executive team, we zero  in on the issues that block your sales team from achieving its revenue objectives. We help you identify gaps in sales performance and then develop an action-oriented plan to get you and your organization on the road to greater success.

The Naro Group’s four-step sales and marketing transformation process includes:

The Naro Group’s Fourt-Step Process Brochure

  1. Discovery Assessments. The Naro Group will perform an in-depth analysis of what’s working in your sales organization and what’s not. Through executive-level planning sessions and realistic discussions of sales team performance and supporting processes, we’ll explore how well your sales team’s performance aligns with your corporate goals and sales objectives.
  2. Change Management. Once the operative state of your sales organization and its supporting structures is identified, we work with you to develop a strategic change management plan for sales and marketing transformation. The plan is based on industry best practices for sales readiness and sales enablement.
  3. Implementation. With your change management strategy mapped out, The Naro Group can help you implement the plan throughout your sales and marketing organizations. We also can help you develop or refine your sales methodologies, sales enablement tools, and sales readiness activities.
  4. Success Measurement. To ensure that your sales and marketing transformation plan is fully embraced throughout your organization, The Naro Group can help you establish metrics for tracking its success, and ultimately, the increased revenue it drives. We provide reporting and analytic metrics that can identify in real time how adaptable to change your organization is, and where remedial action is required.

For more information on how The Naro Group can help your organization, learn about our Services, which include specific consulting, training, and process implementation deliverables for achieving each phase of sales and marketing transformation. Or for more information, call 603.881.7712 or email

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