Resources to Help You Succeed

Here are thought leadership articles and implementation resources created to facilitate the transformation of your sales and sales management process.

Sales Methodology and Sales Process

What is CustomerCentric Selling® Methodology

Being Customer-Centric

Being Buyer-Centric from the Start

Consultative Selling Strategies

Six Simple Steps to Defining Your Sales Process

Aligning Sales Methodology and Technology

Understand How Your Value Proposition Strategy and Tactics Unfold During the Buying Process

Recommended Approach to CustomerCentric Selling® Implementation

Linking Sales Training to Revenue Growth

Self Assessment for Driving Revenue Growth

How to Reach the Next Level in B2B Sales Growth by Transitioning from Product-Centric to Business-Centric Selling

Sales Management Topics

Four Key Attributes of a Sales Manager

Characteristics of Top Performing First Line Sales Manager

Change Management Overview

Familiar Selling Behaviors: The Killer Bee of Sales Transformation

Feedback: A Powerful Tool for First-Line Sales Managers

Motivating Sales People through Accountability

“Conscious Hiring” Leads to Top Performers

Taking the Guesswork Out of Pipelines and Forecasts

Proactive or Forensic Sales Management

Refocus Sales Managers and Drive More Revenue

How Much Risk is in Your Forecast

Opportunities Guide Sales Forecasts

Process Implementation: Worth the Reward

Selling Topics

More “Typical” Characteristics of Top Performing Sales People

Refresher on Selling Behaviors Using the CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Approach

Pre-call Planning – The Forgotten Sales Step

Sales Intelligence: The GPS of Prospecting

Aligning with Expert Buyers

What “Send Me Some Information” Really Means

Establishing Value

How to Sell from the Buyer’s Perspective

Acclerating the Sales Cycle with Value Propositions

Learn to Walk Away – The Key to Sales Qualification

Qualification Is An Ongoing Process

Refresher on Selling Behaviors Using the CustomerCentric Selling® Sales Approach

Responding to “I Need Your Best and Final”

We Lose More Good Opportunities to ‘No Decision’ Than to Any Single Named Competitor!

The SaaS Customer Lifecycle: Seven Pitfalls

Sales Messaging

Marketing Collateral as a Sales Messaging Tool

Market your Message

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Sales Readiness

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Sales Enablement

Do your sales people have all the intelligence they need about your products, markets, and the competition? Do they have access to the right knowledge-based support tools? Is each member of your sales team fully prepared to sell your specific offerings? Can your sales people have conversations that engage buyers and lead them into sales cycles?

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