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The Naro Group focuses on working with organizations looking to transform their sales teams — including sales leaders looking for in-place training for core start up teams, as well as senior executives looking for sales methodology expertise when developing their Sales Enablement strategy for enterprise-level sales forces.

Customers benefit from The Naro Group’s partner relationships and experience training and coaching sales people in the trenches on live deals as well as working with senior enterprise executives implementing a formal sales methodology.

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Meet Jim Naro, President of The Naro Group

Jim Naro, President of The Naro Group Jim Naro has been in the technology business since 1980. He has held positions in support, outside sales, inside sales, executive leadership, and most recently, sales force management consulting.

Based on his first-hand experience implementing Solution Selling as a customer, and implementing CustomerCentric Selling® as a consultant, Jim founded The Naro Group. His knowledge of implementing sales methodology, spearheading change management issues, and enabling leadership and development skills of sales management teams led him to develop his own time-tested process for sales transformation. The Naro Group services combine his expertise, proprietary processes, and partnering with trusted industry leaders to support the growth of revenue in sales organizations.

The Naro Group clients also benefit from Jim’s continuous learning as an adjunct at Southern New Hampshire University, where he instructs, coaches, and mentors students preparing for careers in professional selling.

Partnering with Trusted Industry Leaders

The Naro Group has strong alliances with industry-leading business partners who support and complement its offerings. With extensive knowledge in their respective industries, these partners help ensure the success of The Naro Group clients.

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The Naro Group provides executive leadership with a proprietary Sales Methodology for implementing their Sales Force Management infrastructure, CustomerCentric Selling (CCS). The Naro Group delivers world-class sales training through a suite of CCS sales training workshops to provide sales organizations with the selling skills and tools necessary to win in a highly competitive marketplace. The heart of CCS lies within the buyer-driven sales process that guides the sell cycle so salespeople can be more effective and close more deals. The Naro Group uses CCS to help companies define and implement their customer-centric sales process, encapsulating the most successful sales approach and techniques to improve sales and ultimately, increase revenue. Only through helping sales organizations define a repeatable, scalable sales process, can true sales success be achieved. CCS Partners help thousands of sales organizations worldwide not only meet their sales goals, but exceed them.

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The Naro Group is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index. The Predictive Index helps businesses and organizations all over the globe overcome workplace challenges through a unique blend of scientific behavioral assessments, groundbreaking software, exceptional management training, and professional consulting from the world’s top workplace behavior specialists. The Predictive Index helps companies understand how their people think and work to help employees maximize their productivity. The Predictive Index serves over 8,000 clients across 142 countries. The network of PI Certified Partners guide and mentor our clients through our dedicated service, professional training, certification, and expert advice. We give fast insights and create a stronger, more cohesive, and efficient workforce, ready to tackle the most complex problems in the workplace and help businesses succeed.

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Semplar Science is an analytics company providing answers and insights for people-related business issues. If you are trying to understand why your Sales Enablement initiatives have not met expectations, the Sales Readiness Assessment offered by The Naro Group and Semplar Science can help you discover factors that most improve your performance. The assessment enables your team to better understand which activities actually affect outcomes, using an online assessment to gather narratives from your sales team and a dashboard that visually illustrates correlations between initiatives and outcomes. For more information go to

Ready to Drive More Revenue?

The Naro Group's free Sales Performance Assessment uncovers revenue-blocking obstacles within your sales organization. Using the core capabilities of high-performing sales organizations as a baseline, the assessment will discover where your organization's proficiency falls short in these areas of sales effectiveness:

Sales Readiness

How quickly and efficiently are your sales people moving qualified pipeline opportunities to closure? Do your existing sales methodologies and processes fully support your sales team? Do your sales people have the skills, pipeline models, forecasting capabilities, opportunity management, and planning tools that they need to succeed? Are they engaging in the right activities throughout the sales cycle?

Sales Enablement

Do your sales people have all the intelligence they need about your products, markets, and the competition? Do they have access to the right knowledge-based support tools? Is each member of your sales team fully prepared to sell your specific offerings? Can your sales people have conversations that engage buyers and lead them into sales cycles?

Learn what gaps might be hindering your sales organization.

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