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Marketing and Sales Going Mobile

I attended a great session last night put on by SMEI – Boston regarding “mobile” as part of marketing and sales planning. The discussion lead to understanding mobile as very useful in solving “pinpoint” problems not only in the B-to-C world, like point-of-sale solutions and health care management, but also in B-to-B world around supply chain management and inventory control. There were lots of great examples from small businesses to large pharmaceuticals and construction applications. My big takeaway, really, there IS an App for that … almost whatever you can imagine. But the formula for success is clear, as stated by Lori Cohen of Mobiquity, “focus on [the] user experience” as part of your mobile strategy. It also goes without saying, solve a specific problem that either drives efficiency or increases productivity, which will lead to driving other business goals such as customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.


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